Flexible Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy


  •   S. Bala Bhaskar Department of Anaesthesiology, Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS), Ballari - 583104, Karnataka




Anaesthesia Fibreoptic Intubation, Awake Fibreoptic, Difficult Airway, Intubation


Among the various options available for difficult airway management, flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy is still considered as the Gold Standard technique, even after the recent revolutionary inventions such as the supraglottic airway devices and the video laryngoscopes. The utility has expanded to involve combined use with these new devices also, complementing one another. Familiarity with the device and its components and training are very important for successful use. The patient cooperation, the techniques and drugs for airway blocks, role of continuous oxygenation, sedation, anticholinergics and positioning are some of the important considerations. It is mandatory for the endoscopist to follow a strict protocol in the operating room in terms of care and maintenance of this costly equipment.


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